For the production of our windows, we use the same technology as for the doors. This means a huge selection of system solutions, accessories, glass and opaque fillings. The shape of the windows, the design of the frames and wings are matched to the architectural style of the buildings. We offer windows opening inwards and outwards, single-leaf, double-leaf with fixed or movable vertical middle section, single- or multi-row construction. Depending on the chosen hardware, the windows can only be opened, only tilted, both – open and tilted (according to the setting of the handle rotation angle of 90º or 180º), sliding sideways or upwards, with the horizontal or vertical rotation axis symmetrical and asymmetrical (so-called “pivot”). We also make balcony windows with a typical window sill or flat threshold. For opening windows starting from the floor and without balconies, we offer glass balustrades integrated with the window frame or fittings first tilted (handle rotation 90 °) and then opened (handle rotation 180 °), in this case position of the handle is blocked by a key, unlocked only by authorized and trained service stuff. We choose window panes depending on the preferences of our clients, the requirements mentioned in projects and law demands for users’ safety. Glazing can be enriched with decorative crossbars installed in the space between the glass panes or they will be glued to the outer surface of the glass. Painting aluminium profiles using the “powder” method allows for a huge selection of colours from the RAL and NCS palettes or you can chose anodized surface. The same applies to fittings, which can also be made of stainless steel depending on the chosen type. The windows are equipped with fittings with locking points located around the frame and sash, with visible or hidden hinges. You can choose from a wide range of handles, with uniform style as door handles. In addition, we offer angle opening stops, electric actuators for remote control of opening and closing, electric contacts for connection with alarm installations as well as fresh air ventilators and ventilation grilles. In the case of windows, we also have special solutions responsible for human safety, including smoke control, windows with increased resistance to burglary and bullet proof. At customer’s request, we can make windows with burglary resistance in RC1, RC2 or RC3 class, defined by appropriately built fittings and glass in class P2A, P4A or P5A. For maximum comfort in various climatic conditions and to achieve the best possible insulation parameters of windows, especially thermal and acoustic, we recommend so-called “warm installation” in external insulation layer of the building. For long life, durability and efficient functioning of windows, the choice of installation method is just as important as the appropriate configuration of profiles, gaskets, fittings and fillings.