KONSTRUKCJE-ALUMINIOWE.COM.PL was founded in 2010 by Piotr Jabłonski, who decided to start his own business based on experience gained from work in the construction industry. This experience has decided to choose the company profile, it means the production of modern aluminium construction joinery. Solutions taken to production from leading system suppliers on the European market gave the opportunity to present any architectural ideas regarding windows, doors and curtain walls. The far-advanced compatibility of products allows for unlimited space for design possibilities. Aluminium has been appreciated raw material for many years, characterized by high durability, stability and resistance to corrosion, is safe for people and the environment and is fully recyclable. Products with exactly such features Piotr Jabłonski provides its clients. To this end, he has built a team of highly qualified professionals who understand the clients’ needs well and can offer complete solutions. Today, the company specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of aluminium joinery and continues to develop its executive capabilities through good cooperation with business partners, including suppliers of: aluminium systems, hardware, building glass, construction chemicals, accessories, software, workshop equipment, machines and technological solutions.

A very important element of our offer are products that are responsible for the safety of people:

  • we are an authorized contractor for smoke exhaust flaps, windows and ventilation doors according to solutions developed by ESCO Polska,
  • since July 2016, we have a Certificate of Conformity No. NC/B/114, authorizing us to manufacture fire protection systems:
    ALUPROF MB-78EI, fire resistance class EI215, EI230, EI245, EI260 and EW 30, as well as smoke tightness class Sa, Sm;
    ALUPROF MB-60E EI with fire resistance class EI215, EI230 and EW 30, as well as smoke-tightness class Sa, Sm,
  • since June 2018, we have the Certificate of Stability of Performance No. 2434-CPR-0027 authorizing us to produce external panic or evacuation doors of the ALUPROF MB-70, for use on escape routes,
  • since June 2018, we have the Certificate of Stability of Performance No. 2434-CPR-0028 authorizing us to produce external panic or evacuation doors of the ALUPROF MB-86, for use on escape routes,

Our offer is complemented by products, that are architectural elements of the building facade, but first of all, that improve the comfort of users. These include made of aluminium sun-blind louvres, ventilation grilles and continuous louvre walls as well as fresh air ventilators.

Our products meet the requirements resulting from national regulations and European standards. Depending on the required conformity assessment system, their technical parameters are confirmed with our own declaration of performance and certificates issued by accredited units. The fact of having the above-mentioned certificates confirms our responsibility and reliability. We have gained the trust of a large group of clients who regularly place new orders with us.