The constructions we make are glazed with a large surface area, usually with a spread from the floor to the ceiling, into which doors and windows can be integrated. In the case of this type of windows are implemented glamorous projects, representative entrances and decorative door portals, being the “visit-card” for owner of the building. Constructions are also often used as continuous shopfronts (showrooms, offices, shops, restaurants, etc.), located on the ground floors of residential or business buildings. Inside the buildings, they appear as partition walls, adapted to the arrangement of rooms. They can be combined at any angle, which gives a lot of freedom to divide the space. We manufacture the construction of shop windows and partition walls using the same aluminium system profiles from which windows and doors are made. So we have the same unlimited choice of colours and fillings in the form of glass and opaque panels. More and more frequently, our clients choose modern functional glazing, controlling the degree of room sun exposure, with prints, coloured foils, enabling the display of advertisements, with heating function or ensuring privacy by temporary change of view from clear to opaque. We provide high thermal and acoustic insulation of the shopfronts we manufacture and offer constructions with strong resistance to burglary.