We manufacture doors using aluminium profiles of leading system solutions on the European market, known and used around the world. Our offer includes practically all types of single and double doors, for indoor and outdoor use. It is possible to choose doors to be opened inside the room, outside, sliding doors as well as manually or automatically moved, folding doors, swing doors and pivoting with eccentric axis. Doors are equipped with thresholds, ensuring adequate tightness in certain weather conditions or without a threshold for easier communication. For the door without a threshold we suggest automatically lowering the threshold strips, hidden in the lower part of the wing. You can choose glazed doors, with single, double or triple glass. We select the type of glass individually, depending on the expected functionality, pattern, level of transparency, etc. We use tempered and laminated glass, guaranteeing operational safety. Glazing can be enriched with decorative crossbars installed in the space between the glass panes or they will be glued to the outer surface of the glass. Alternatively, you can choose a panel door with a core made of high-insulation materials (PIR, PUR). We finish the external surface of the door with a panel made of aluminium sheet according to the agreed pattern and colours. Our doors are made of powder coated profiles in the QUALICOAT system or anodised with the QUALANOD quality mark. The choice of the colour of the varnished profiles is possible using the RAL or NCS palette, with different surface finishing effects, e.g. satin, matte or fine structures. In the case of profiles with a thermal insulator, you can choose a different colour on the inside and outside of the door. We have a wide range of fittings to choose: wing or roller top hinges or hidden hinges, single or multipoint locks, handles, knobs or handrails, top door-closers, built in floor or hidden, as well as accessories such as electric contacts for alarm installations or fresh air ventilators and grills. Fittings can be varnished, anodized or made of stainless steel, depending on the chosen type. Proper configuration of profiles, gaskets, fittings and fillings allows achieving perfect insulation parameters, especially thermal and acoustic, long-term durability and resistance to different climate conditions. We recommend special attention to the function doors we manufacture, which are described in the next section.